Promotion with law of attraction

It started out as a desire to promote within our Sheriff’s Office. I wanted to be a Sergeant several years ago. In order to become a Sergeant a person must go through a testing process which includes: a written test, a take home essay, an oral interview, and review of work history and education. I […]

Receive By Giving

I’ve read The Secret twice. The principles I was aware of, and I have always been a subscriber to positive thinking. The Secret takes this a step further by making me remember to remember to be Purposefully Positive. I bought the CD’s and listen to them in my car every day. My first run through […]

Woman uses Gratitude Law of Attraction

I really tried to make this concise but…trust me, you will be amazed…I am still in awe myself. Bear with me…On December 31, 2012, 11:30 pm, I was in my bedroom content and at peace with being as the clock ticked and the ball dropped into the new year, 2013, I was sitting in my […]