Receive By Giving

I’ve read The Secret twice. The principles I was aware of, and I have always been a subscriber to positive thinking. The Secret takes this a step further by making me remember to remember to be Purposefully Positive. I bought the CD’s and listen to them in my car every day. My first run through […]

Woman uses Gratitude Law of Attraction

I really tried to make this concise but…trust me, you will be amazed…I am still in awe myself. Bear with me…On December 31, 2012, 11:30 pm, I was in my bedroom content and at peace with being as the clock ticked and the ball dropped into the new year, 2013, I was sitting in my […]

Love With Law of Attraction

I have just returned from a romantic weekend with the man I visioned 3 months ago, and the situation I only wished for 1 week ago. The realization of how powerful The Secret is has blown me away and has me feeling so grateful. After 18 months on my own after my traumatic marriage breakdown, […]