Woman Clears Debt of Over $2,300,000 With The Magic

I would read these stories about The Secret, The Power, The Magic and was a skeptic. I would read these stories and think, “Yeah, right.” I was so miserable, though, that I had nothing to lose. I told myself, “Go hard, and do the work, it’s only 28 days.” Besides, nothing else was working, what did I have to lose?

I created an image board with the foreclosure paperwork from my lender, Bank of America. I also listed my IRS debt where I owed, $2,300,000. I was facing jail time and I had a levy for all of my earnings, banks, house liens, judgments etc.

I had nothing to lose so I took a chance on this book, called The Magic. I told myself that I’d pour my heart into this book for 28 days and when it didn’t work, that I’d just commit suicide and prove that I had been right all along. That there was no God and that Rhonda was a get happy quick fraud.

I took a chance and began to work the journal and not even 7 days into The Magic work, my life began to change.

Woman Clears Debt

My home had a default judgment for foreclosure that I petitioned the court to set aside. Setting aside of judgments of default are nearly impossible, and especially when your excuse was, “I didn’t go to court,” however my judgment was set aside and my bank refinanced my house with no job! I got approved for a 6 month free mortgage program. So, I no longer had to worry about my house! I practiced gratitude by being thankful for my home and cleaned each square inch saying thank you, thank you thank you. I wiped the baseboards down with love.

I had no money, but was expecting a check for $5,000 which had a levy against it. I went to the IRS building not expecting anything but having placed the debt on my vision board with the idea that it would someone how magically get worked out.

I met with an IRS collections agent, they listened to my rambling story, with tears in my eyes, this evil IRS agent, turned angel, helped me line by line complete a hardship application. This application qualified me for a hardship lien elimination of my debt for 2.3 million dollars, having formerly owned a multi-million dollar business that I lost, I had debt.

This lien was removed on Thursday, and the company owing me the money mailed my check the very next day with less than 24 hours of their schedule release!

I was able to get money, do something wonderful for my kids and pay my bills.

I wanted to write, but was hesitant because I would read these testimonials thinking, who wrote that?

Well, I am a real person, that had real doubt and I took a chance to change my life. 28 days is such a short period for a miraculous life, particularly if you had been living an unhappy life for so many years.

I hope my story encourages the biggest doubter because it works.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Rhonda!!!

Author: Vickie from COlumbus, Ohio
About Vivkie: I am a former business owner and mother of two.

Source: http://www.thesecret.tv/stories/i-owed-the-irs-2300000/

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