Success Story: The Metamorphosis Of A Modest Man

My story begins back in the ghettos of the south Bronx where gun violence, gang related activity, drug use and criminal activity was of the norm. I had lost many friends through either senseless acts of violence or betrayal. I couldn’t trust anyone and fought often with my twin brother as my life was unintentionally consumed by negativity. I was struggling to make ends meet as I worked jobs that had nothing to offer me but more stress.

Then one day my uncle who was struggling with drugs at the time had given me a book called The Secret that changed my life for the better forever!!! I first read The Secret and began shifting my awareness as I started to pay more attention to the brighter side of things. I saw that my consciousness started to pay less attention to what was in front of me and more on the things I desired in life. I had not set any goals for myself in years as I was a person who just went with the flow. But it was when I read The Power that my life entered a transformational state where I had created my own flow of love, peace and happiness.

The Metamorphosis Of A Modest Man

After I began practicing gratitude for several months walking down the street and imagining that my harsh environment was a lovely community full of peaceful, trustworthy people and believing I’d find the love of my life, I winded up reconnecting with a woman who I met at a wedding as a teen years back. We fell in love deeply as our passion for one another grew, even though a long distance relationship. She eventually flew to New York City to come see and the synchronicity of life were appearing left and right as time seem to stop, at 1:11 pm, 2:22 pm, 3:33 pm and 5:55 pm, every time we looked at the clock together!

I eventually quit my job working at a warehouse and moved to Florida to live with my love where I would live in a beautiful community, then find a great job that offered me a chance to purchase successful stock, buy an amazing car, win a few lottery scratch offs along the way and earn my degree in art.

The kid that used to take the train to work, was light on money, dropped out of high school and lived in a rough place had now turned his life around by focusing on love, gratitude, joy and bliss! My family and I are closer than ever and I’d like to thank The Power for reminding me how important our thoughts and feelings are on a daily basis. The cocoon may sometimes leave you feeling stuck, but with good faith and patience, out comes the beautiful butterfly. This is the story of the metamorphosis of a modest man.

Thank you times 7!! And thank you Rhonda Byrne for your enlightening insight on The Power of Gratitude!

May the Joy be with us all!!!!!!!

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