Success Story: Get Parking Space & Shorter Queues With the Law of Attraction

Well we all have went through tiresome government procedures at least once in our life time. In today’s story the author describes how he got an empty parking lot plus a good place to park and a shorter queue at the DMV.

I had to go to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) today for my driver’s license renewal. The DMV’s reputation is not so good as there have been numerous people telling me to avoid this DMV. They said they will not do my work in one go and they will ask you to come back again as an excuse or for smallest of mistakes in your document.

I had been there previously when I had not applied The Secret. Back then there was no parking available and a very long wait in line. However, I decided that today was going to be magical. I visualized how it would be, as to how I will find the parking closest to the office and there will be almost no people in line. I gave my heart felt gratitude for those things, sprinkled Magic Dust and believed in the magnificent outcome that I was about to receive.

And guess what?!  I received more than I asked for! When I went there more than half of the parking lot was empty! I got the perfect spot, even better than I imagined. And to top it off there was no queue, just a couple of people ahead of us! The entire process took less than 20 minutes whereas I was warned that it would take more than 3 hours and I would have to wait outside in the cold. I had ignored those remarks and I firmly believed in The Secret. Because of that I received more than I asked for.

A heart felt gratitude to the Universe for guiding and inspiring us. Magic Dust for everybody! Believe and you will receive. Happy holidays everyone, God bless.



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