Law of Attraction Success Story: Life Changing Car Accident

Today’s story is very different as compared to other success stories that I have been sharing on this blog. This story is about how you unintentionally attract bad things in your life and once you start understanding the law of attraction – how you can change your life completely.

Since the age of 18 I’ve always said to my close friends and family I would die at 30. Maybe a bit bizarre but with the life I lived as a youngster I always thought I would have died by the time I’m 30. Since leaving school around 15 years of age, my life has been lived in the fast lane a million miles an hour. Literally like no time at all for even a day’s rest.

Anyway I turned 30 on 22/10/2016 and 2 months later in the middle of January 2017, my best friend died of a cardiac arrest at age 32. We had been best friends and done everything together for the last 4 years, literally everything! Some 2 weeks later just 3 days before my best friend’s funeral, I had a bad car crash which nearly ended my life. I swerved off the road to avoid 2 4×4 jeeps coming towards me in my lane around a bend, and I crashed into a tree head on. I broke my foot, ankle, leg and broken a vertebra in my back. I got airlifted to a hospital and spent the next 2 weeks there missing my best friend’s funeral in the process. Everybody says someone was looking over me that day. I always say it was my best friend looking over me.

Since the accident, I got discharged from the hospital to start my recovery process at home. The day I came home a friend advised me to read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. I purchased the book online and when it came I read the book in 2 days. I couldn’t put it down because I was so fascinated by it. This makes so much sense to me I’ve just attracted this accident to me over the past 12 years by always saying I would die by the time I’m 30. Ok, so maybe I didn’t die but I can assure you I very nearly did! And going by the photos of the wreckage of the car you wouldn’t think I got out alive. This is so true what I have done. I had thought it and thought it that much I almost made it become a reality. Now what’s even more interesting is since I’ve read this book I can’t help but think positive! Literally every morning I wake up and before getting out of bed, I lie there and just think to myself why I am feeling so happy? What am I grateful for?

I genuinely believe I have been given a new lease on life and with the accident happening to me, someone pointing out the book The Secret to me, has changed my life massively. Now it’s on to the next chapter in my life because all along up until 30, I could never see my life past this age. I’m money motivated and I have a good business head on my shoulders. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a simple case of when I achieve my dreams of owning multiple houses here in Middlesbrough and a healthy bank balance, I shall return and put up my story. Thanks again so much for keeping me here to tell this story. I try and recommend this book to so many people, it’s surreal!

Author: Lee Khan from Middlesbrough, UK.
About the Author: I’m 30 years old from a small town called Middlesbrough in the U.K. I have an amazing family around me and 2 children who I love dearly. I work offshore on the oil rigs scaffolding and rigging up until I had my accident on 04/02/17.

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