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Motivational Video: Pursuit Of The Impossible

How hard can it be? This motivational video will really get you all pumped up and make you rush towards your goals. Motivational Video: Pursuit Of The Impossible Transcript of the Video: 0:07 He’s never ever ever give up Chicken Soup for the soul was rejected by a hundred 0:12 and forty four publishers hundred […] Continue reading →

Motivational Video: Change Your Life Today

Motivational videos are always good to keep you in a positive frame of mind. Change Your Life Today – Motivational Video Speakers : Tom Bilyeu – Motivational Speech Eric Thomas – Motivational Speech Jordan Belfort – Motivational Speech Joel Osteen – Motivational Speech Mel Robbins – Motivational Speech Vinod Khosla – Motivational Speech Arnold Schwarzenegger – […] Continue reading →