Motivational Video: The Winning Mentality

Have you ever thought why only 2-3 % succeed and achieve their goals? This video will answer your question. The Winning Mentality – Powerful Motivation 2017 Speakers: Tim Grover John Assaraf Grant Cardone Jocko Willink Tony Robbins Steve Aoki Gary Vaynerchuk Transcripts of the Video: 0:03 There´s so many individuals out there… 0:06 that are […] Continue reading →

30 Life transforming quotes by Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins has changed lives of several people through his inspirational speeches, guiding them all to success. There is an amazingly large collection of Tony Robbins quotes, purely because he speaks so much wisdom. Every quote is to be remembered. Therefore, I’ve gathered a list of 30 life changing Tony Robbins quotes to live by. […] Continue reading →